Programs: Intensives, Workshops, Masterclasses & Coaching

More Sexual Balance Makes Us Happier & Healthier

We’re here to assist you come back into balance, be more connected in your sexuality and heal your life.  

As humans, when we’re in balance, we deal more effectively with stress. We’re more open‑minded, creative and solution‑oriented. We have increased capacity for compassion and love. We’re far happier, healthier – and a whole lot more sexy!

To help you reconnect and achieve balance, you can work with us in many ways. Come to our intensive, participate in a workshop, learn through a masterclass or work with us privately through coaching. Whatever form your journey takes, our unwavering commitment to support you to regain your balance, feel your vital energy and have more aliveness  – with humor – is always constant.

Our Programs & Events

Shamanic De‑Armoring Program

The Shamanic De‑armoring program consists of 13 progressive De‑armoring sessions over 15 consecutive days and includes specific teachings, ceremonies and exercises. 

In the teaching section of the program you learn about
  • the different forms of armor;
  • how we de‑armor;
  • the different types orgasm;
  • how to build life‑force energy in your body;
  • how to embrace emotional intimacy, achieve fluidity and balance;
  • silence the mental chatter;
  • surrender to your natural flow;
  • have forgiveness;
  • restore your life back to beauty
  • and much more.

Individual & Couples

We specialize in supporting people to embrace transformation and relate with intimacy and courage. You are encouraged to leap beyond any limiting beliefs you might carry and find your inner strength as you pioneer into the full actualization of what inspires you in your life journey.

We create a safe, confidential space where you (and your partner) have the opportunity to explore new possibilities of relating and heal any challenges or traumas that keep you stuck in old patterns, particularly those to do with sexuality, intimacy, wounding and healing symptoms of PTSD.

A coaching session is an ideal way to commence your journey and start to heal what keeps you stuck.

Online Events &
One Day Workshops

Our one-day workshop series delves into some of the deeper questions of relating and intimacy. We explore what we’re here for in this life; how we embrace our healing journey; how we can embody deeper states of presence and live our true purpose. 

Join us in our journey of what it means to be authentic and intimate with ourselves, others and life.

Be the Natural Sexual Human Being You Are

When we fully integrate our sacred sexual self, our sexual nature, our sexual energy, into our heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, we become an integrated natural being, which is a natural sexual human being.

Shamanic De-armoring