Shamanic De‑armoring

Heal and transform. Be forever changed for the better. Enter a sanctuary where you can actually use your sexual life-force energy to heal yourself. A sacred space where safety, naturalness and freedom of self-expression are upheld, with diligent care and integrity.

A Ceremony That Turns Old Pain Into New Vitality

Shamanic De‑armoring is a healing process, a ceremony where you mobilize your inner resources to de‑armor yourself to heal your wounding and awaken your full life‑force vitality.

During the 15‑day process you release past pain tapes stuck in your body’s armor. You’re able to embrace the full flow of life‑force energy through your whole being and stimulate vital health and happiness.

Shamanic De‑armoring gives you greater vitality, a clean slate and unlocks the deep‑seated truth that your life‑force energy has the power to transform and heal.

Kristin Viken and John Kent are dedicated teachers, with over 55 years combined experience of shamanic healing.

Get Your Life Back

De‑armoring is a modernized shamanic technique and ceremony that restores you back to a natural balance.

This process uses specific pressure points, breathing techniques and the movement of your sexual energy to loosen, break up and remove your body’s armor.

Consultations, Workshops & Ceremony

Kristin and John have a deep honor and respect for the human spirit. They’ve seen many times how Shamanic De‑armoring offers a space where the human spirit, the soul, the light within the human, has an opportunity to emerge and show its immense capacity to transform our wounding and dark side. 

They offer this powerful ceremony in many places around the world, as well as masterclasses, workshops and private single and couples coaching sessions via Zoom.

Shamanic De-armoring