Shamanic De‑Armoring:
Profound Healing

How Does Shamanic
De-Armoring Work?

Consisting of 13 guided sessions, teachings and ceremonies over 15 consecutive days, Shamanic De‑Armoring is a profound transformational healing process.

During the ceremony, specific pressure points, vibration and self‑stimulation activate and awaken your life‑force energy. Pressure points are applied to stimulate the flow of energy and disperse congestion in the body. Vibrating tools massage specific regions of the body so that the stagnation held by the armor breaks loose. Guided breath work brings your energy up your chakra line and discharges and breaks up the armor.

This combined stimulation brings pain tapes of the past stored in your physical structure to the surface where they are released from both your body and auric field.

Safe, Integrous Support

Leading facilitators, Kristin Viken and John Kent skilfully coach you to be fully present in your physical body during this healing process. You are well supported to go beyond your encoded energy patterns and to venture into the infinite possibilities of full orgastic release. When stagnated pain patterns transform and transcend into the free‑flowing movement of life force energy, you experience true, orgastic pleasure. Your will‑power is enlisted so the release of armor is self‑generated and brings the realization of the deep‑seated truth that your life force energy has the ability to transform and heal

Reasons people were drawn to Shamanic De‑armoring

How Is Armor Produced?

Watch How We Armor

As we journey from childhood through adulthood, painful experiences and traumas imprint themselves in both our psyches and the cells of our physical bodies. This cellular imprinting of pain causes trace minerals in the body to coalesce into metallic bands of ‘armor’.

This ‘armoring’ restricts and blocks the free flow of energy in the body, keeping us in patterned behaviors that produce dysfunction, illness and premature aging. We walk around inside a body that is bound by pain tapes of the past.

What happens
when we're Armored?

We armor ourselves as a survival mechanism – it stops our pain. However, when we do so, we block the flow of energy through the chakras, which in turn depletes the organs associated with those chakras. Thus, our holistic body system becomes compromised. The armor interferes with our perception and separates us from a natural connection to Source.

Shamanic De‑Armoring Has Innumerable Benefits

Deeper Self‑Connection

Be motivated. Choose more life‑enhancing experiences, with greater self‑acceptance and creativity. Be more able to deal with and integrate change.

More Vitality

Have greater freedom in your body and fully express your natural self with ease and grace. Increase your life vitality to engage on deeper levels.

Better Health

Have stronger energy in your body and increase your metabolism and immunity. You have more fuel available to maintain your vital health and wellbeing.

Amplified Aliveness

Feel your senses so much more awakened and alive. Being more connected and consciously aware of your life force energy moving throughout your body.

Sexual Self‑Expression

Enjoy an active and healthy commitment to your sexuality with an increased awakening of your natural sexual expression and more pleasure in your body.

Connected Love‑Making

Access higher and deeper levels of orgasm in love‑making after de‑armoring. Your increased sensitivity and connection makes more intimacy possible.

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We Are More Than We Imagine Ourselves to Be

We are much more than our body. We are much more than who we imagine ourselves to be. As sacred humans, we are interconnected with all forms of all things within Creation.

Yet, most of the time we walk around asleep to the grandeur of our potential. We are consumed by what did or did not happen to us in the past. We are worried about what the future might bring.

Just imagine though, if you could be more present and more inter‑connected with life? Where you experience more vitality and passionate engagement in your everyday life. Where you have greater sexual feeling and deeper levels of intimacy with yourself, life and others. Where you are more grounded in your body, without pain tapes directing your life.

It’s truly possible. There’s a safe, authentic sexual healing journey with greater spiritual awakening and sexuality available to you. It’s Shamanic De‑armoring.

Shamanic De-armoring