Shamanic De‑armoring

A Safe, Effective, Natural Healing Ceremony

What is Shamanic De-Armoring?

Shamanic De‑armoring is a profound healing process comprising of 13 guided sessions across 15 consecutive days where you use your natural sexual life‑force energy for healing. When de-armored, you feel greater life force energy pulsing through your body. You also experience a deeper ‘hunger’ for what nourishes your body, inspires your spirit, gladdens your heart and motivates your mind.

Safe, Integrous Support

Kristin Viken and John Kent are leading facilitators who skilfully coach you to be fully present in your physical body during this healing process. You are gently guided through any stagnated pain patterns that might emerge so you can transform and transcend them into a free‑flowing movement of life force energy. In this state, you experience true, orgastic pleasure through your whole body. You’re well‑supported to go beyond any encoded energy patterns and venture into the infinite possibilities of full orgastic release.

“I love that no matter how shut down and armored a human being might be when they walk through our door, they’re able to access their inner resource circle to heal and transform through their own dedication, the power of De‑armoring and the sanctity of the space.This is the nature of the human spirit. It just never stops inspiring me.”

Kristin Viken
Golden Ring Snake

Teachers & Facilitators

Kristin Viken
– Golden Ring Snake

Kristin Viken is a gifted teacher and facilitator with over 30 years of rigorous shamanic training and apprenticeship. Wise, humble and utterly human, Kristin is originally from Norway and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. She travels the world teaching and facilitating ceremonies.

 Dedicated to her spiritual quest from a very young age, she apprenticed to Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in 1989, after studies in Philosophy and Comparative Religion at the University in Bergen, Norway. 

 Moving to America in her early 20s, Kristin has deeply committed herself to a lifelong study and training program that includes an integrated body of knowledge and practices: Shamanic De‑armoring, Chuluaqui Quodoushka, Shamanic Yearlong Programs, Rites of Passage, Women’s spirituality, spiritual sexual healing and transformation. 

Kristin embodies a deep integration of the transformational journey. Heart‑centered in her expression of wisdom and the evolutionary process, she works internationally in partnership with her husband John Kent. 

In her private practice, she counsels both individuals and couples. Deeply resonant and unequivocal in her dedication to her path, Kristin’s naturalness and beauty as a human being is expressed through humble service as she leads empowerment groups, workshops, teachings and ceremonies for both men and women. When she’s not teaching, Kristin is found hiking with John or on her yoga mat for daily asana practice.

John Kent
– Spinning Coyote

As a dedicated shamanic teacher and facilitator, John Kent seamlessly integrates two very different worlds. Grounded and extensively trained in shamanic practice for many years, John is also a Chemical Engineer, who graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1994.

Apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path since 1996, John has undergone deep spiritual transformation through intensive training and practice. He brings a natural, balanced masculine presence that is truly rare. His dry humor, down to earth demeanor, sensitive care for people and giving spirit enrich and nourish his facilitation and teaching.

For him, one of the key premises of engineering is that ‘there is always a way – it just may not be known today’. This approach has informed much of his scientific research, which includes working with a chemical reduction process in the bleaching of paper, an aluminum salts project to reduce waste streams from nuclear plants to preserve environments, writing new code for web apps and more. He is passionate about teaching himself new technologies and relishes learning.

Engineering has also taught John the importance of maintaining an open mind, where he knows that there’s always a solution, even if it’s not visible. He knows that if he continues to listen and explore, the answer will reveal itself. This quality of enquiry from engineering brings a rich capacity to stay present and hold a healing space in the Shamanic De‑armoring process.

You will often find John with a project in his garage. He is either making improvements to his house, building a solar system for his cabin or otherwise fixing things. He is also a cyclist, hiker and personal defense instructor.

Our Services:
Dedicated to Healing

You can work with us in many ways – in person and online.

Participate in the Shamanic De‑Armoring program, held annually in many locations across the world, or receive the benefit of private, integrous individual and couples coaching. 

Begin or continue your journey and learning through our extensive online workshop programs. Here we interweave and apply the ancient principles of shamanism to our contemporary modern life challenges. In this way we reach remarkable insight and we come back into balance, to be the happier, healthier, hopeful humans we naturally are.

Shamanic De-armoring