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Sexuality & Our Life Force Energy

“I imagine that sex is natural, sacred and beautiful.” 1

Vital to Health
Snake-KundaliniThe human body is quite a unique instrument! We have been gifted special and specific organs that have only one known purpose or function – to give pleasure and promote orgastic release. This is the clitoris for the woman and the mons gland for the man. It is now well known that orgasm is vital to our health.

kundaliniOrgasm opens the channels of energy in the body. As the kundalini rises, it undulates through the chakras, opening and clearing as it extends up and out the top of the head into infinity. This movement revitalizes the organs of our body, opens the heart and clears the mind. Who hasn’t spontaneously come upon a new solution to an old problem right after making love?

Free sexual expression increases our overall energy (orende) and speeds up our metabolism (orgone) giving us a vibrant radiance and restoring us to vital health.

dolphinsSexuality - Spirituality
Prior to the onslaught of religious repression, tribal people lived a more natural lifestyle in their relations with self, the different forms of life around them and with one another. In the ancient cultures, as within the heart of all spiritual paths, sexuality is acknowledged to be a natural connection to Spirit. It is known as the fire that sparks, the engagement that restores to balance, the kundalini that rises and the pleasure that heals.

It is our orgasticness that inspires us to return to Source, to find our way “back home”. When armoring blocks this life force energy, we disconnect from our very essence and thus from all forms of Nature.

The Nature of Sexuality as our Catalyst and Prime Mover
joshuaOur soul is within a body to fulfill its intent to experience the physical with full pleasure and gain the knowledge needed to attain its true purpose. We know this as our “heart’s desire.”

The sexual soul force energy sits in the center of the Wheel of Life and is known as the catalyst. A catalyst is an agent that provokes change or action. It is our catalyst energy (our sexuality) that prompts a movement within our psyche, the psyche being the residence of our soul within the physical. And it is this movement that fuels all determinative action.

Determinative action requires ignition in order for it to be transported from our psyche, through the layers of consciousness, into self-realization and actualization. Without catalytic fuel, our desires are not transported nor translated into physical action, into fourth dimensional determination.

Without fourth dimensional determination our desires stay within the realms of wishful thinking, rumination, and illusion. This creates pretense and produces a tremendous loss of orende, reducing the speed of our metabolism. The greater the loss, the stronger our pretense gets. Eventually, it takes over the ego’s process and we project our pretense into and onto self, life and others. Armored bodies no longer accept the prime movement of the psyche and cannot contain the demand from our catalyst energy to take direct action.

Peace-RoseIn contrast, our de-armored body demands from us a change in this pattern. It hungers for catalization to continuously spark the resculpting, integrating more and more orende, more life force, within the physical body. Feeding this hunger develops our ability to respond to the movement within our psyche and offers pleasure to our soul’s quest within the physical.

1 One of the Twelve Imaginings of the Grandmothers

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