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vortex“A powerful experience that will change me forever!”
Brian - Entrepreneur, USA

“I cannot recommend this ceremony enough! I am in touch with a deeper self-love, my energy has increased and my purpose has been fortified beyond measure.”
Kevin - Psychotherapist, USA

“If you want to redefine your concept of boundaries and blast your old ones away, just do it.”
David - Senior Company Executive, Australia

“De-armoring is a life altering experience. I have never felt so free – free from old pain tapes and free to be my own authentic self and create as much happiness as I desire.”
Anita - Attorney, USA

“I have done lots of healing therapies in the last 11 years. I have never experienced such profound transformation in my life. Each day I see life and experience life with new eyes. No wounding. I am deeply thankful to Kristin, John and Mukee for their integrity and for how they hold such a powerful safe space.”
Glennys - NLP Practitioner & Massage Therapist, Australia

“There is nothing I know of that works at such a deep level revealing and releasing bodily memory, frozen feelings and life force energy.”
Aramati - University Lecturer, Australia

“I came to de-armoring with toxic levels of several metals, including aluminum. Six weeks afterwards I was re-tested and, much to my surprise, aluminum was down to 0!”

“After menopause, my life seemed as if it was shutting down. De-armoring opened up my life to new possibilities.”
Sherry - Dietitian, USA

“I have been privileged to work in a beautiful respectful process which has given me a direct experience of transforming. If anyone is at all serious about learning about themselves and growing they need to invest in this process. It is amazing!”
Liz - Managing Director, Business Consultant, England

“The entire process helped me to see how to better celebrate myself; I have experienced true and objective changes in my thoughts, experiences and behaviors.”
Dan - Psychologist, USA

“My body is more natural and free. I can breathe more deeply and fully. I am happy I let go of old, unnecessary energies that I had been holding for a very long time. I have opened a space for the new!”

“I thoroughly recommend this ceremony as a key way of discovery, knowing and then accepting the natural beauty of both men and women working together towards healing. Marvelous workshop!!”
Ken - Clinical Psychotherapist, USA

“De-armoring gave me back my life. I have new-found confidence in all relationships, including sexual.”

“I walked into a sea of pleasure that washed away my inner restraints.”

“My connection to my body deepened. I felt more in alignment with everything around me and could go with the flow. Now I don’t push so much and that feels very, very good.”
BK, Germany

“A quick and effective process that cuts through the crap and gets to the heart of our life patterns and imbalances. Fully empowering!”
Michelle - Advertising Executive, England

“De-armoring has seeded a powerful process of rediscovering and reclaiming the vial essence of who I am and what it is that I have come here to do. Whereas I used to be constantly doing, I am now finally learning the art of ‘being’!”
IL, Canada

“I noticed immediate improvement in my balance, stamina, physical strength, sexual responsiveness, intuitive abilities and in my relationships with others. I recommend RSD to anyone who wants to break out of their old patterns.”
AT, Australia

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