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A 15-day Program


treeThe Shamanic De-armoring process consists of 13 progressive De-armoring sessions. In addition to the sessions, specific teachings are always included.

The retreat is offered in various formats and will be designed according to individuals needs, geographical location and group dynamic. Teachings, exercises and ceremonies are offered throughout the retreat to facilitate integration and awakening of the natural Self.


  • Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul - the five elements.
  • Communication with the Five Worlds of Grandmother Earth
  • How to move from Co-dependency into Co-empowerment
  • Sacred Body Image - body character stance & posture
  • The human luminosity (including the five shields, assemblage points, soul vine fibers and ten chakras)
  • Genital anatomy types
  • Types and levels of Orgasm
  • The hungers of the Soul
  • Forgiveness & restoring life back to beauty
  • Life after De-armoring - maintaining the gain.


  • Purification Lodge ceremony
  • Flowering Tree ceremony
  • Ancestor Speaking
  • Karmic fiber tie cutting and release
  • Nature walks
  • The Circle of Life - Medicine wheel
  • Shield Talk - gathering together the inner family
  • Womb Awakening ceremony


For integration and well being of the physical body we will use techniques such as yoga, breathing techniques, dance and movement.

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