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How is Armor Produced?



As we journey from childhood through adulthood, painful experiences and traumas imprint themselves not only on our psyches but also in the cells of our physical bodies. This cellular imprinting of pain causes trace minerals in the body to coalesce into metallic bands of “armor”. This “armoring” restricts and blocks the free flow of energy in the body, keeping us in patterned behaviors that produce dysfunction, illness and premature aging. We walk around inside a body that is bound by pain tapes of the past. Our true nature’s spirit or soul essence is trapped inside a prison!

This is not a pretty picture – just take a look at the illustration to the left.

We armor ourselves as a survival mechanism – it stops the pain. In so doing, it blocks the flow of energy through the chakras, which in turn depletes the organs associated with those chakras. Thus, our holistic body system becomes compromised. The armor interferes with our perception and separates us from a natural connection to the Source. We have moved far away from our original intent within the Grand Design. Our bodies were meant to be a temple for spirit, not a prison for our soul.

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