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How will Shamanic De-armoring benefit you?


eagleShamanic De-armoring possesses innumerable benefits and each person experiences these in slightly different ways.

Participants who have completed the de-armoring process have reported the following:

  • Freedom within your body allowing expression of your natural self with ease and grace.
  • Awakened senses and conscious awareness of your life force energy moving throughout your body.
  • Stabilized orgone in the body that increases your metabolism and the energy available to maintain your vital health. You will have more overall energy.
  • Increase in orgasticness prompting a passionate engagement within your everyday life.
  • In love making after de-armoring, you will have access to deeper and higher levels of orgasm.
  • Deeper connection to Self and a stronger resonance with Spirit.
  • Increased ability to deal with and integrate change.
  • Increased creativity and creative problem solving.
  • Increased sensitivity in the physical body opening the way for deeper intimacy.
  • Motivation to choose life enhancing experiences.
  • More active and healthy commitment to your sexuality, awakening your natural sexual expression.


You will experience a deep “hunger” for those activities that nourish your body, inspire your spirit, gladden your heart and motivate your mind. Your life force energy will pulse through your body with greater power and magnitude.

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