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How does this process work?

rsd_chakrasShamanic De-armoring consists of thirteen guided sessions. Through specific pressure points, vibration and self-stimulation, the life force is activated and awakened. Pressure points are applied to stimulate the flow of energy and disperse congestion. Vibrating tools massage specific regions of the body so that the stagnation held by the armor breaks loose. Guided breath work brings this energy up the chakra line discharging and breaking up the armor. This combined stimulation brings pain tapes of the past stored in our physical structure to the surface where they are released from both the body and the auric field.


naturalSkillful coaching assists you to be fully present in your physical body during this process. When stagnated pain patterns transform and transcend into the free flowing movement of life force energy, we experience true, orgastic pleasure. You are supported to go beyond your encoded energy patterns and to venture into the infinite possibilities of full orgastic release. Your will power is enlisted, thus the release of armor is self-generated and brings the realization of the deep-seated truth of your life force energy’s ability to transform and heal.

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