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angsbacka Kärlingesund Retreat Center, Sweden!

27 Sept - 11 Oct, 2017
in Kärlingesund, Sweden
3½ hrs from Oslo or 1½ hrs from Gothenburg

You will experience the De-armoring in a 15-day retreat at Kärlingesund Retreat Center, a meeting place in the Nordic for people who want to grow in awareness and live with an open heart. It is a wonderful place to experience the De-armoring Intensive.

Listen to Kristin speak about the process in greater detail.
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Shamanic De-armoring is an intense healing process that transforms the cellular imprinting of past pain tapes in your body. It frees your life force energy, and inspires greater health, hope and happiness.

It is a modernized shamanic technique and ceremony that restores your full presence and connection to your natural self. This process utilizes strong vibration, pressure points, breath and the movement of your sexual energy through your whole body to loosen, break up, and remove your body’s armor, pain and numbness.


De-armoring awakens you to the magnitude of the pleasure of your inner nature. What else is there to do?





Come as Åsa offers you an incredible two week retreat full of introspection, healing, and ceremonial transformation. She will weave together her unique gifts to create an enriching expirence that will awaken and feed your deepest hungers.


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