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asaÅsa Kullberg - Star Snake

Åsa has studied languages at universities in Sweden and France. With a background as Rebirther, Dance therapist & Body worker she is a natural choreographer of energy. Åsa is also a Sanyasin and has dance and meditation training from Poona. Åsa apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in 1990. She is the founder and director of the Swedish Rainbow Dragon Lodge, a shamanic school for self-growth and development through ceremonial alchemy. She has been practicing, studying and training spiritual sexuality under the guidance of Thunder Strikes since 1992. Åsa brought the Shamanic De-armoring to Sweden in 1998, and she teaches ongoing workshops in conscious sexuality




JK-head-2011-webJohn Kent - Spinning Coyote

John is from America, where he received his degree in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1994. Today, the company he started, builds custom computers and designs web sites and print graphics. He is a Spiritual Warrior – committed to integrity and quality in all their forms. He is a hunter, martial artist and shooting instructor. Apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path since1996, John underwent deep spiritual sexual transformation through his training and practice with Thunder Strikes. John brings a natural, balanced masculine presence that is truly rare. His care for the people and his giving spirit enrich and nourish the de-armoring process.




Kristin-webKristin Viken – Golden Ring Snake

Kristin Viken, a native of Norway, currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. With studies in Philosophy, Psychology and Comparative Religion at the University in Bergen, she apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path 1989. She then moved to America to study and train one-on-one with Thunder Strikes. Her training included Shamanic De-armoring, spiritual sexual healing and transformation, as well as becoming his personal assistant. Through her training and experience, she has achieved a level of excellence that places her at the top of the people in the world authorized to offer and facilitate Shamanic De-armoring programs. Kristin is an experienced, authoritative and enlivening guide in the De-armoring experience. She totally supports and influences your de-armoring experience with inspired encouragement and a deep integration of the process. In her private practice, Progressive Soul Therapy, she councils individuals & couples. She leads empowerment groups for women and facilitates studies for spiritual sexuality.



The three of us continue training and studying spiritual sexuality under the direct guidance of Thunder Strikes. Spiritual sexual healing and awakening is at the heart of our mission and giveaway.

We are soul force warriors dedicated to freedom and integrious individual expression.

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